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mythos, mythus

1. myth.
2. mythology.
3. the interrelationship of value structures and historical experiences of a people, usually given expression through the arts.
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It related the mythus of its birth, told of the power of the sun-light that spread out its delicate leaves, and forced them to impregnate the air with their incense--and then he thought of the manifold struggles of life, which in like manner awaken the budding flowers of feeling in our bosom.
The word myth is derived from Latin 'mythus' and Greek 'mythos'.
Gesammelte Abhandlungen uber den Mythus und seine Bedeutungfur die Menschheit.
In ancient Greece, Mythos (myyhe derived from the Latin mythus, Greek mythos, meaning dumb and silent) was opposite of logos (word, speech, delicate and subtle speech, wisdom and intellect) and the Persian cultures considered myth (mythic, invalid and void) as the Arabic equivalent for historia (but not meaning as story or history, rather as the second meaning of the word which equates to absurd and nonsensical stories) (7).
Just as she argues that Clarke and Sturgis paid attention, attended to, stretched toward, "Buddhist tracts" and an "Oriental Mythus" (157) to write their poems about American scenes, so Wider and the other authors "attend" to the subtexts and contexts of the discourses they examine.
1965 Der Kreislauf von Sonne und Mond in Religion und Magie bei den Volkern Assams, Burmas und benachbarter Gebiete: Teildruck aus der Dissertation: Der Kreislauf von Sonne und Mond in Mythus und Kult bei den Volkern Assams, Burmas und benachbarter Gebiete, Fribourg: Paulusdruckerei (Sonderabruck ms Anthropos 59, 1964).
"Here the design concept is placed at the centre of the nexus of the meaning of cultural production that rests on the three pillars Segno, Mythus, and Techne." The book is designed to provide a structuralist critical theory alternative to what the editor describes as the empirical social science disciplines.
Aspects of the metabolism of MytHus edulis during starvation.