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n. pl. myx·o·bac·te·ri·a (-tîr′ē-ə)
Any of numerous rod-shaped, aerobic, gram-negative bacteria of the order Myxococcales that move by gliding and have a complex life cycle in which vegetative cells aggregate into fruiting bodies and differentiate into desiccation-resistant spores.
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Noun1.myxobacteria - bacteria that form colonies in self-produced slime; inhabit moist soils or decaying plant matter or animal waste
eubacteria, eubacterium, true bacteria - a large group of bacteria having rigid cell walls; motile types have flagella
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These authors found a PKS module that exhibited homology with myxobacteria PKS type I (36 % identity and a 50 % BLASTp similarity with Chondromyces crocatus CndA protein, its closest neighbour).
The resulting requirements are, due to the different requirements of the natural product producers (fungi, myxobacteria, actinomycetes), relatively complex, which is why in almost all regular and measurable parameters extreme values ?
Editors Yang and Higgs present this varied text on myxobacteria, intended to be both accessible to students new to the taxon and useful for seasoned researchers.
Myxobacteria versus sponge-derived alkaloids: the bengamide family identified as potent immune modulating agents by scrutiny of LC-MS/E1SD libraries.