Mucoid degeneration

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a form of degeneration in which the tissues are transformed into a semisolid substance resembling mucus.
- Quain.

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Section is fixed in 10% formalin solution and sent for histopathological examination of Rotator cuff specimens which was done in the Department of Pathology at Madurai Medical College, Madurai to find out the microscopic tear on bursal or articular side or intratendinous tear as indicated by Hashimoto (2003)[10] collagen fibre disorientation, chondroid metaplasia, fibroblast proliferation and fatty degeneration, inflammatory cell infiltration, myxoid degeneration. From each specimen, 3 slides were prepared; one each from bursal, articular and intratendinous portion
2 Histopathologically, lesions are composed of loose fibrous connective tissue stroma having stellate-shaped fibroblasts with areas of myxoid degeneration resembling dental papilla covered by peripheral columnar epithelium which itself resembles inner enamel epithelium (covering of columnar epithelium is absent in odontogenic myxomas and odontogenic fibromas).
The differential diagnosis includes angio-myxomas, fibromas with widespread myxoid degeneration, and primary ovarian stromal lesions containing high amounts of myxoid matrix, such as massive edema, or non-ovarian stromal lesions that are generally maligned (2,5).
They are thought to come about from myxoid degeneration of the connective tissue encompassing the joint capsule.
Focal area of myxoid degeneration was seen and few areas showed hemorrhage with the collection of numerous extravasated RBCs.
Large low attenuation areas are found on CT that correspond to regions of necrosis and myxoid degeneration. Calcification may be observed within the primary tumour as well as metastases on CT scan, which would likely represent an osteosarcomatous or chondrosarcomatous component to the tumour [4].
A ganglion cyst develops from cystic or myxoid degeneration of connective tissue.
(5) There are reports of valvular involvement leading to severe aortic regurgitation requiring valve replacement, while the histopathology of the native valve showed features typical of GPA, and another case demonstrated myxoid degeneration which was most likely due to vasculitis of the blood vessels supplying the aortic valves.
However, if the schwannoma has areas of cystic or myxoid degeneration, or a high proportion of collagen, FNA may be nondiagnostic.
Histological examination of the excised valve showed predominantly myxoid degeneration and fibrosis.
The result: various forms of degeneration, including hyaline or myxoid degeneration, calcification, cystic degeneration, and red degeneration (infarction of fibroid during pregnancy).
(7,13) It is suggested that these areas are most subject to continuous physical stress preceding myxoid degeneration.