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(Botany) a slime mould, esp a slime mould of the phylum Myxomycota (division Myxomycetes in traditional classifications)
ˌmyxomyˈcetous adj

slime′ mold`

any of various funguslike organisms belonging to the phylum Myxomycota of the kingdom Protista, characterized by a somatic ameboid phase and a streaming phase in which the separate organisms merge and produce spore-bearing fruiting bodies. Also called myxomycete.
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Noun1.myxomycete - a slime mold of the class Myxomycetesmyxomycete - a slime mold of the class Myxomycetes
slime mold, slime mould - a naked mass of protoplasm having characteristics of both plants and animals; sometimes classified as protoctists
class Myxomycetes, Myxomycetes - the class of true slime molds; essentially equivalent to the division Myxomycota
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(1970) Purification and characterization of myosin A from the myxomycete plasmodium.
She said she found common molds and spores of cladosporium, coprinus, ascomycete, myxomycete, aspergillus/penicillium and bipolaris/drechslera in the building, with the largest concentrations in the basement and main reception area.
Because Tennessee is characterized by moderate temperatures, adequate moisture, and a variety of habitats, it should be expected to support a rich myxomycete biota.
The name is not based on the myxomycete genus Tubifera J.
These myxomycete records represent 24% of the 215 myxomycetes known to occur in Ohio, 15% of the approximately 350 reported from North America, and 7% of the approximately 800 species recognized worldwide (Keller and Braun 1999).
Diacheopsis metallica and Dicheopsis kowalskii, comparison of two distinct myxomycete species.
Since 2010 Sarah has been studying acellular slime moulds (myxomycetes) and has made hundreds of collections, many of which have been lodged in herbaria.
After a substantial overview of the region, of mushrooms in general, and of mushrooms in the region, they profile species of 17 groups within the phyla Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, and Myxomycetes (the slime molds).