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1. A separate streamlined enclosure on an aircraft or spacecraft for sheltering the crew or cargo or for housing an engine and usually its related components.
2. A similar enclosure on a wind turbine that houses the energy-generating components, including the shaft, generator, and gearing, and to which the rotor and blades of the turbine are attached.

[French, dinghy, gondola, from Old French nacele, small boat, from Late Latin nāvicella, diminutive of Latin nāvis, ship; see nāu- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Aeronautics) a streamlined enclosure on an aircraft, not part of the fuselage, to accommodate an engine, passengers, crew, etc
[C20: from French: small boat, from Late Latin nāvicella, a diminutive of Latin nāvis ship]
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1. the enclosed part of an airplane, dirigible, etc., in which the engine is housed or in which cargo or passengers are carried.
2. the car of a balloon.
[1475–85; < French: a small boat < Late Latin nāvicella, for Latin nāvicula, derivative of nāvi(s) ship (see nave1); compare -elle]
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Noun1.nacelle - a streamlined enclosure for an aircraft engine
enclosure - a structure consisting of an area that has been enclosed for some purpose
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[næˈsel] Nbarquilla f, góndola f
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(on aeroplane) → (Flugzeug)rumpf m
(= gondola) (on airship) → (Luftschiff-)gondel f; (on balloon) → (Ballon)korb m
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Hexcel composite materials are found in the engines and nacelles, wings and tail assemblies, fuselage, window frames, doors, flooring, paneling and so much more in today's commercial aircraft.
that produces nacelles for the Gulfstream G500 and Gulfstream G600, the company said.
has acquired Nordam Group Inc.'s manufacturing line that produces nacelles for the Gulfstream G500 and Gulfstream G600.
Gulfstream Aerospace, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (GD), announced that it has acquired The NORDAM Group manufacturing line that produces nacelles for the Gulfstream G500 and Gulfstream G600.
Safran Nacelles has designed and manufactured 2,000 thrust reversers for nearly 20 years at its United Kingdom site in Burnley, enabling the company to strengthen its position as the manufacturer of thrust reversers for business jets, the company said.
PPG has announced that it earned recognition for AEROCRON electrocoat aerospace primer in the supplier category of the 2017 Safran Innovation Awards, including first-place honors from Safran Nacelles and second place from parent company Safran.
Housed in a 35-metre high, 3,000 sq m hall it will be used for the performance, endurance and compressed life testing of complete nacelles up to 15MW.
It will accommodate a test rig which will conduct performance, endurance and compressed life testing of complete nacelles up to 15MW.
They are used on a variety of components in the aircraft industry including aviation fuel pumps, hydraulic landing gear parts, cabin interior parts and engine nacelles.
Supplier of aviation systems and services Goodrich Corporation (NYSE: GR) announced on Thursday that it has signed a five-year nacelle services agreement with intercity airline BA CityFlyer for support of nacelles and thrust reversers in its fleet of Embraer 190 aircraft powered by General Electric CF34-10 engines.
GKN, Lockheed Martin GKN will deliver a total of 158 nacelles this year, including spares, to Lockheed Martin for its C-130J airlifter.