naff off

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naff 1

adj. Chiefly British Slang
Unstylish, clichéd, or outmoded.

[Possibly of dialectal origin.]

naff′ness n.

naff 2

intr.v. naffed, naff·ing, naffs Chiefly British Slang
To fool around or go about: "naffing about in a tutu" (Suzanne Lowry).
Phrasal Verb:
naff off
Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.

[Origin unknown.]
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naff off

sentence substitute
slang Brit a forceful expression of dismissal or contempt
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w>naff off

vi (Brit inf) → verschwinden (inf); naff off! (= go away)hau ab! (inf); (expressing refusal) → du spinnst wohl!
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Nor in the beginning, to be honest, did she particularly appear to want to endear herself to anyone, telling photographers to naff off and modelling her relations with public and press on Prince Philip's robust style.
Whether it be Fergie sucking toes or Anne telling a loyal subject to naff off, Edward covertly filming his own nephew's first day at uni or the younger prince skinning up and morphing into Harry Pothead - the Windsors have shown they have the same foibles as us all.
Anne - who once told photographers to "Naff off" - snubbed Mary
IF David Mellor tries to stick his neb into Scotland he should be told to naff off. The new task force he'll chair, supposedly to look after fans, is toothless and useless.
Anne - who once told photographers to "Naff off" - snubbed Mary Halfpenny as other Royals left well-wishers close to tears by failing to collect their flowers.
One has thousands of photo albums from the days one used to tell snappers to naff off. It would be difficult to choose the one with the biggest cringe factor, but probably in one of one's awful hats, especially at Manchester in 1982 which made one look like one had dreadlocks.
Jazzy B of Soul II Soul fame used to have a saying at his old club, "If you're not dancing, then naff off!" His new venture at the not-too-scruffy Shoeless Joe's operates a similar policy, but it's more a case of "if you're not dancing, then you must be relaxing in the back room, quaffing cocktails and beating your opponent at backgammon".
TELL someone who approaches you nicely to naff off - other guys might be watching and be put off.
Instead he took someone's novella, And his big naff off umbrella, And guilelessly headed west: Fenham, rather than Budapest.
When we are 100, we shall just tell everybody to naff off all the time (no change there, then)
But I can't help wondering how many of the kids grew up and told the TV crews to naff off a
Boy: Naff off. Girl: Partyin' like and that, innit.