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n.1.(Zool.) Any one of numerous species of small, fresh-water, chætopod annelids of the tribe Naidina. They belong to the Oligochæta.
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[ClickPress, Wed Jun 13 2018] HOT Shred of Waco is proud to announce that is has completed the requirements and is now NAID AAA Certified.
NAID represents more than 1,800 member-organizations that provide commercial secure destruction services worldwide; therefore, it is not surprising the author promotes secure destruction as an essential component of an organization's information governance strategy.
Dyma fodd i'r di-Gymraeg gael blas, aperitif, gafael dwylo cyn y naid - a darganfod y perlau pop o'r Trwynau Coch i Llwybr Llaethog.
Awami National Party (ANP) provincial naid president, Imran Afridi, Maulana Piyoddin, Hakim Khan, Samad Khan and others also delivered speeches on the occasion and threw lights on education institutions in Bara Khyber Agency.
Other CPSIGL members include the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), ARMA International, the Information Governance Initiative (IGI), the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and Professional Records and Information Services Management (PRISM) International.
NNA - The second stage of the oil project for development was launched at a ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during which a cooperation agreement on development was signed between the Ministry and the Norwegian Agency for International Development (NAID).
Police said on a specific intelligence input, the accused Hilal Ahmad Sheikh of Naid Doori was arrested on Monday.
Gweld Iliesa Delana, y dyn o Fiji sydd dim ond un goes yn ennill unig fedal ei wlad erioed yng nghystadleuaeth y naid uchel, yn gwbl anhygoel.
HEXHAM: 6.15 Devil Water, 6.45 Impact Zone, 7.15 Across The Tweed, 7.45 Naid du Misselot, 8.15 Madamlily, 8.45 Carrietau, 9.15 Northern Flame.
The ministers, during the meeting, will review results of past meetings and listen to reports about the Arab Police Sports Union, Naid Abul Aziz University for Security Sciences in addition to various other reports.
According to v NAID S, the use of contaminated injection equipment during drug use accounts for more than 80 percent of all HIV infections in Eastern Europe and Central Asia and is a major entry point for HIV epidemics elsewhere.
Museum manager Naid Boksmati-Fattouh said the museum was short of staff, but was being run by volunteers.