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Noun1.nail hole - a hole left after a nail is removednail hole - a hole left after a nail is removed
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
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When something like smoking or unhealthy food damages the inner lining of your arterial walls, it creates a sort of nick in the blood vessels, causing your body to send in lousy LDL cholesterol to try to patch up that nick--sort of like spackling over a nail hole in the wall.
Such kits skim weight while skipping the tyre, but have limited abilities to deal with any road hazard more serious than a nail hole in the tyre's tread section.
Drill a nail hole and pencil hole in a scrap of wood to use as a compass.
[5] The cerclage wire was folded a few times to block the nail hole and the broken nail was removed together with the wire.
What bemuses me is that of all of the myriad of material tests done to qualify these products, such as resistance to hydrostatic head, the entire point is missed in that the weak spot is the nail hole. If the tests made sense you would test the materials with nail holes and staple holes--a true system test.
Then place the floorboard back down and screw it to the noggin using wood screws driven through the old nail hole.
The hand has a nail hole that can be used in certain circumstances (vertical and overhead use) with a nail to hold the hand in place.
The locking slots did have a minor effect on the ease of initial sliding if they directly contacted the nail hole, particularly for the Gamma3 and PTN lag screws with four slots.
One trick is to put a one-eighth inch nail hole in the bottom of a five-gallon bucket, then place the bucket at the base of the tree and fill it with water.
It's got a nail hole at the top of each two-page spread to hang on a barn wall, offers a hands-free visual reference, and provides horse owners with both routine and critical care facts in an at-a-glance format.
If flashing is attached with nails instead of screws, the last hammer blow can leave a concave dimple in the flashing, encouraging ponding around the nail hole. If long runs of flashing are installed without allowing for expansion and contraction, the moving flashing can work nails back and forth until they loosen.
As a result of age and exposure, many nails used to secure the siding to the barracks had corroded, leaving an iron (ferrous oxide) stain in and around each nail hole. Because ferrous oxides are soluble and can be a source of bleed-through discoloration when used for exterior applications, an experiment was conducted on the remanufactured Douglas-fir bevel siding millwork to determine if bleed-through would be a problem in the reuse of this material.