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(ˈneɪlˌbaɪ tər)
a situation marked by anxiety or tension.
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My personal best time at St Andrew's was a few years back when I took my grandchildren to see yet another needing-points nail-biter.
The Lady Falcons, who lost 13 straight games last season before winning their final assignment, nailed their first win way earlier this time after a 25-23, 19-25, 25-22, 21-25, 15-12 nail-biter against favored the Lady Tamaraws.
Andrea Dovizioso needs to win the race with defending champion Marc Marquez outside the top 15, so it's not exactly a nail-biter, but stranger things have happened.
The head-to-head final between Rhea and Saffy was a classic nail-biter, with Rhea just sneaking it with a thrilling 10-9 victory.
Tension is superbly done in a riveting thriller that's a real nail-biter.
This film shouts its message loud and clear, but it's still a nail-biter exploring a thoroughly topical subject - and Mirren and Rickman are terrific.
There are plenty of people coming to Brandon just to see Mark Cossar try to exact his revenge on Rod Winterburn, which will be an absolute nail-biter, but we also have many other top names here who are more than capable of winning including Robbie Wilson, Liam Winterburn and Paul Whitelam".
It was a bit of a nail-biter at the end but the "last-10-minute devil" was elsewhere on Saturday.
Sean Foley took the Division IB in a nail-biter against Ricky Ness of Minnesota State Mankato.
I've been a nail-biter for 30-odd years, so please don't waste my time by asking if I've ever tried that nail polish stuff that's meant to taste disgusting.
Female fans would be wasting money on a manicure this week as Saturday's final home game looks set to be another nail-biter.
She served as a captain for coach Ron Jones on a team that lost a 34-31 nail-biter to Wachusett in the CMass Division 1 semifinals.