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A soft, light, cotton fabric of a plain weave, formerly used for undergarments.

[From Hindi nainsukh, pleasant : nain, eye (from Sanskrit nayanam, from nayati, he leads) + sukh, pleasure (from Sanskrit sukha-, running easily (of chariots), pleasant : su-, good; see (e)su- in Indo-European roots + kham, kha-, opening, axle-hole in the nave of a wheel; perhaps akin to Khotanese khā-, to open, and Sanskrit khā- Avestan xā-, spring (of water), fountain).]


(ˈneɪnsʊk; ˈnæn-)
(Textiles) a light soft plain-weave cotton fabric, used esp for babies' wear
[C19: from Hindi nainsukh, literally: delight to the eye, from nain eye + sukh delight, from Sanskrit sukha]


(ˈneɪn sʊk, ˈnæn-)

a fine, soft cotton fabric, used for underwear and infants' wear.
[1780–90; < Hindi nainsukh]
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Noun1.nainsook - a soft lightweight muslin used especially for babies
muslin - plain-woven cotton fabric
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At home it had been so clear that for six dressing jackets there would be needed twenty-four yards of nainsook at sixteen pence the yard, which was a matter of thirty shillings besides the cutting-out and making, and these thirty shillings had been saved.
* "Women's Nainsook and Flowered Print Gowns for 29 and 39 cents are coming into their own.