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A soft, light, cotton fabric of a plain weave, formerly used for undergarments.

[From Hindi nainsukh, pleasant : nain, eye (from Sanskrit nayanam, from nayati, he leads) + sukh, pleasure (from Sanskrit sukha-, running easily (of chariots), pleasant : su-, good; see (e)su- in Indo-European roots + kham, kha-, opening, axle-hole in the nave of a wheel; perhaps akin to Khotanese khā-, to open, and Sanskrit khā- Avestan xā-, spring (of water), fountain).]


(ˈneɪnsʊk; ˈnæn-)
(Textiles) a light soft plain-weave cotton fabric, used esp for babies' wear
[C19: from Hindi nainsukh, literally: delight to the eye, from nain eye + sukh delight, from Sanskrit sukha]


(ˈneɪn sʊk, ˈnæn-)

a fine, soft cotton fabric, used for underwear and infants' wear.
[1780–90; < Hindi nainsukh]
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Noun1.nainsook - a soft lightweight muslin used especially for babies
muslin - plain-woven cotton fabric
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At home it had been so clear that for six dressing jackets there would be needed twenty-four yards of nainsook at sixteen pence the yard, which was a matter of thirty shillings besides the cutting-out and making, and these thirty shillings had been saved.
After he masturbates on the beach, watching Gerty MacDowell offer him an eyeful of "her nainsook knickers" (U, ch.
Women's Nainsook and Flowered Print Gowns for 29 and 39 cents are coming into their own.