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or na·ïve·ty  (nī-ēv′tē, nä-, nī-ē′vĭ-tē, nä-)
Artlessness or credulity; naiveté.
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(naɪˈiːvtɪ) ,




n, pl -ties or -tés
1. the state or quality of being naive; ingenuousness; simplicity
2. a naive act or statement
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or na•ïve•té or na•ive•te

(nɑ ivˈteɪ, -ˌi vəˈteɪ, -ˈiv teɪ, -ˈi və-)

1. the quality or state of being naive; unaffected simplicity.
2. a naive action, remark, etc.
[1665–75; < French; see naive, -ity]
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Noun1.naivety - lack of sophistication or worldliness
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
artlessness, ingenuousness, innocence, naturalness - the quality of innocent naivete
credulousness, gullibility - tendency to believe too readily and therefore to be easily deceived
simple mindedness, simpleness, simplicity - a lack of penetration or subtlety; "they took advantage of her simplicity"
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noun gullibility, innocence, simplicity, inexperience, credulity, ingenuousness, artlessness, guilelessness, callowness She does have a certain girlish naivety about her. gullibility
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The Shropshire side's boss Sam Ricketts said his men showed "naivety" which cost them at the start of the game, disputed the award of a penalty against them and said the game was "there for us".
"Although it started through your naivety and bravado, it grew into a commercial enterprise for your own financial gain.
Gary Nevillehas accused theManchester Unitedboard of 'naivety' and reckons they have 'lost control' by handingJose Mourinhoa new contract.
Well, it is with such juvenile delinquent naivety that this man ruled for ten years.
He will say the Government is guilty of "utter naivety" in putting their faith in "the Wild West warmonger in Washington and the bully of Beijing" - Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping - rather than the UK's established trading partners in Europe.
So Corbyn displayed his naivety when he tried to blame the death of one person on a decision taken by the Prime Minister (PMQs 10 Jan), when there is an infinite number of other happenings that led to the final outcome!
What an admission of ignorance and naivety! We should not be surprised if his next tweet says 'I have been fooled into believing that I was fooled'.
She said: "This defendant, showing either his naivety or desperation, went to the police station to try and get the drugs back.
But how quickly is naivety to fishing lost, for fish from both fished and unfished populations?
In this case, character said did not understand meaning of her which served to her naivety.
1 JOHN Sheridan admitted his side's 'naivety' cost them the chance of getting a result against League Two leaders Portsmouth at Rodney Parade.
Now D'Arcy, a veteran of 82 caps and one half of a celebrated Ireland midfield axis with Brian O'Driscoll, has claimed Burgess' "naivety embarrassed those around him".