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1. Having no clothing on the body; nude.
2. Having no covering, especially the usual one: a naked sword.
3. Devoid of vegetation, trees, or foliage: the naked ground; naked tree limbs.
4. Being without addition, concealment, disguise, or embellishment: the naked facts; naked ambition.
5. Devoid of a specified quality, characteristic, or element: a look that was naked of all pretense.
6. Exposed to harm; vulnerable: "naked to mine enemies" (Shakespeare).
7. Botany
a. Not enclosed in an ovary: naked seeds.
b. Unprotected by scales: naked buds.
c. Lacking a perianth: naked flowers.
d. Without leaves or pubescence: naked stalks.
8. Zoology Lacking outer covering such as scales, fur, feathers, or a shell.

[Middle English, from Old English nacod; see nogw- in Indo-European roots.]

na′ked·ly adv.
na′ked·ness n.
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Adv.1.nakedly - in an exposed manner; without protection or defense; "they were attacked as they huddled nakedly on the bare hill"
2.nakedly - without clothing; "Henriette saw the weaving figure of an Apache warrior reel nakedly on a pony and rush by with a rifle raised"
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[ˈneɪkɪdlɪ] ADV (= unashamedly) (with adj) → manifiestamente, ostensiblemente; (with verb) → de manera ostensible
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(= unashamedly)offen; the new government is far more nakedly military than the olddie neue Regierung zeigt ihren militärischen Charakter viel offener als die alte
(= utterly) alonevollkommen
(= without clothes)nackt; a mass of bodies, writhing nakedlyeine Masse nackter, sich wälzender Körper
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(ˈneikid) adjective
1. without clothes. a naked child.
2. openly seen, not hidden. the naked truth.
3. (of a flame etc) uncovered or unprotected. Naked lights are dangerous.
ˈnakedly adverb
ˈnakedness noun
the naked eye
the eye unaided by any artificial means such as a telescope, microscope etc. Germs are too small to be seen by the naked eye.
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For my own part, I think that the books of Zola are not immoral, but they are indecent through the facts that they nakedly represent; they are infinitely more moral than the books of any other French novelist.
Now one and now another stretched out and slept without covering; for so, directly under the path of the sun, had they slept nakedly from the time they were born.
Here every thing is art, nakedly, or but awkwardly concealed.
The pale and blasted nettle-stems of the preceding year even now lingered nakedly in the banks, young green nettles of the present spring growing from their roots.
Statesmen and legislators, standing so completely within the institution, never distinctly and nakedly behold it.
Leave not thus nakedly for all to gaze at A horror neither earth nor rain from heaven Nor light will suffer.
Will's tone had a cutting bitterness: he was moved to put his question as nakedly as he could.
They were eyes that masked the soul with a thousand guises, and that sometimes opened, at rare moments, and allowed it to rush up as though it were about to fare forth nakedly into the world on some wonderful adventure,--eyes that could brood with the hopeless sombreness of leaden skies; that could snap and crackle points of fire like those which sparkle from a whirling sword; that could grow chill as an arctic landscape, and yet again, that could warm and soften and be all a-dance with love-lights, intense and masculine, luring and compelling, which at the same time fascinate and dominate women till they surrender in a gladness of joy and of relief and sacrifice.
It must be admitted, rather nakedly, that Christopher Newman's sole aim in life had been to make money; what he had been placed in the world for was, to his own perception, simply to wrest a fortune, the bigger the better, from defiant opportunity.
He stared through the doorway at a face nakedly open to view and yet illegible, to hunt down resemblances.
As nakedly ambitious Eva, Sarah Pauley delivers a starmaking performance, sparking off Trent Saunders' cynical Che.
As the nakedly ambitious Eva, Sarah Pauly delivers a star-making performance, sparking off Trent Saunders's cynical Che.