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[Tigrinya naqfa, after Naqfa, town in Eritrea that became a symbol of Eritrean resistance.]


(Currencies) the standard currency unit of Eritrea
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However, in 2000, after two years of war with Ethiopia, imports were running at 303bn nakfa compared to a mere 185m nakfa, and the balance of payments was well in the red, as Eritrean spent the country's money on armaments and the war effort.
Eritrea has taken an important step towards securing autonomy in monetary policy with the issue of its own currency, the nakfa, to replace the Ethiopian birr.
Over the last year, Eritrea has introduced a new currency, the nakfa, and is both overhauling the Central Bank, and reorganising the tax and customs departments.
JS: You have announced that Eritrea's new currency, the Nakfa, will replace the Birr in 1997.