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[Tigrinya naqfa, after Naqfa, town in Eritrea that became a symbol of Eritrean resistance.]


(Currencies) the standard currency unit of Eritrea
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I love my country, but I'm a young man and I want to earn money to support my family," said one Eritrean national service recruit, who makes 145 Nakfa ($9.
20 to the nakfa, we are now subject to the black market rate of $14-15 per nakfa.
Only the most skilled in their fields have been allowed to return to civilian life, and they, like all the fighters and those considered valuable to their work, are paid just 145 nakfa (about [pounds sterling]8) per month.
Relations between the two countries started cooling after November 1997 following the introduction by the Eritrean government in Asmara of its own currency, the nakfa, replacing the currency it had been using with Ethiopia since independence.
4 million Nakfa via community financial contributions.
Eritrea has taken an important step towards securing autonomy in monetary policy with the issue of its own currency, the nakfa, to replace the Ethiopian birr.
The 4-million Nakfa water facility features 500-barrel water reservoir and nine distribution stations.
Over the last year, Eritrea has introduced a new currency, the nakfa, and is both overhauling the Central Bank, and reorganising the tax and customs departments.
An inauguration ceremony was held for a 10-million Nakfa potable water supply project which is aimed at benefiting a total of 600 homesteads in Adi-Segudo Administrative area, Central region.
JS: You have announced that Eritrea's new currency, the Nakfa, will replace the Birr in 1997.
Construction of Health Station in Irafaile administrative area, Foro sub-zone, at a total expenditure of 9-million Nakfa.
Residents of the Rora administrative area, Nakfa sub-zone, stated that the newly constructed dams in their area are supporting in the agricultural development.