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Used especially among Hindus to express a polite or respectful greeting or farewell.

[Ultimately (via Hindi, Punjabi, and other South Asian languages) from Sanskrit namas te, obeisance to you : namaḥ, homage, obeisance; see nem- in Indo-European roots + te, enclitic second person sing. genitive and dative pron.; see tu- in Indo-European roots.]
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a salutation used in India
[C21: via Hindi from Sanskrit, from namas salutation, bow + te to you]
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Benjamin continued to mutter his namastes with a shrug and a look of "whatever," so I was pleasantly surprised when he confessed to a new habit: Before he dashed across the playground to chase friends, he took a deep breath.
"Namaste," said my nephew, Benjamin, when I asked him what he had learned in preschool that day.
"If it weren't for him, I don't know if I would've made that transition to a passion for renewable energy," says Jones, who started Boulder-based Namaste Solar in 2005.
Jones, who stepped down as CEO in 2016, introduced President Barack Obama at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science--a Namaste customer--during the signing of the economic stimulus bill there nine years ago.
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