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Used especially among Hindus to express a polite or respectful greeting or farewell.

[Ultimately (via Hindi, Punjabi, and other South Asian languages) from Sanskrit namas te, obeisance to you : namaḥ, homage, obeisance; see nem- in Indo-European roots + te, enclitic second person sing. genitive and dative pron.; see tu- in Indo-European roots.]


a salutation used in India
[C21: via Hindi from Sanskrit, from namas salutation, bow + te to you]
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Namastes purchase of shares of Pineapple Express supports the Companys strategy to invest in innovative companies which bring value to the Company and to the broader market as a valued service for, Licensed Producers and regulated dispensaries.
Under the terms of the Subscription Agreement dated June 2018, Namaste has the right to acquire an additional 10% of the common shares of Pineapple Express for $1,200,000 within 14 months from the closing of the Subscription Agreement.
Benjamin continued to mutter his namastes with a shrug and a look of "whatever," so I was pleasantly surprised when he confessed to a new habit: Before he dashed across the playground to chase friends, he took a deep breath.
"Namaste," said my nephew, Benjamin, when I asked him what he had learned in preschool that day.
Following recent changes in management, Namastes executive team has undertaken an in-depth strategic review of its current and future operations globally in an effort to streamline the business and ensure compliance throughout the organization.
During this review period, the Company has elected to suspend certain initiatives that no longer align with the Companys mission and strategic direction, such as the introduction of Namaste Caf, a cookbook and H.E.A.L.
"If it weren't for him, I don't know if I would've made that transition to a passion for renewable energy," says Jones, who started Boulder-based Namaste Solar in 2005.
Jones, who stepped down as CEO in 2016, introduced President Barack Obama at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science--a Namaste customer--during the signing of the economic stimulus bill there nine years ago.
Namaste Solar Electric and SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ:SPWR) , a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, has announced the completed installation of a 7.4-kilowatt solar power system at the Colorado Governor's Residence in Denver using SunPower's high-efficiency solar electric panels.
Namaste has developed an enterprise quality software application that incorporates instant age and identity verification and facial recognition that is applicable not only for the medical cannabis market but also as a solution for age verification in online recreational cannabis sales.
The rationale for the acquisition includes but is not limited to: Expansion of Namaste's product offerings, with the ability to sell both vaporizers and consumables from one location.
As the Company prepares for the holiday season, the most productive period of the year for vaporizer and accessory sales, these expanded relationships position Namaste for what is anticipated to be considerable e-commerce traffic and sales generation.