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intr.v. name-dropped, name-drop·ping, name-drops
To mention casually the names of famous or important people to create the impression that one is familiar with them in an attempt to impress or influence others.

name′-drop′per n.
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[ˈneɪmˌdrɒpəʳ] N he's a name-droppersiempre está mencionando a la gente importante que conoce
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He was a ferocious networker and name-dropper, much-loved and partridiculed - the most notable urban myth being that he invented the bicycle kick - a man who secretly-revelled in the nickname Deadly Doug a nickname given to him by our own Jimmy Greaves for the manner in which he dispatched salmon.
We set | AT 'An Evening with Gary Rowett' last week, the Blues boss and his coaching team revealed the best players they'd ever played with - and one name-dropper topped the lot...
Brian Pettifer is not a natural name-dropper but, when you've had a career like his, it can't be helped.
The bile-spewing continues on the salacious name-dropper, "Insincerely Yours.'' After lashing out at British models Cara Delevigne, Rita Ora and Jourdan Dunn, Allen blows the lid off high-profile artists who sell out their artistic integrity to play rich people's private functions for a hefty paycheck.
On the debit side of Hitchens' ledger can be found the following: boor, bully, chickenhawk, hypocrite, misogynist, name-dropper, narcissist, sellout, snob, stool pigeon." ARIEL GONZALEZ
He also wants the reader to know how famous he is and how closely linked he is to other celebrities (Vidal was a serial name-dropper).
@Jack also tweeted about meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the naughty name-dropper...
Friedman is an admitted serial name-dropper: Cheever, Oates, Scorcese, Coppola, Bellow, Roth, Vidal, Plimpton, Wilder, Pryor, Beatty, Lish, Martin, "Crazy" Joey Gallo, P.J.
Though Gruber may come across as more of a professional name-dropper than a skilled storyteller, each and every well-known individual that is mentioned serves a purpose.
Phil wants to go to the pub, but says Kate has turned into a bit of a name-dropper and only wants to go to places if there's someone famous there.
CWRU Professor Morry Shanker has told me many times--Morry has a tendency to repeat himself that when he first met Henry King, he thought Henry was the worst name-dropper he had ever met.