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1. A plate or plaque, as on an office door, inscribed with a name.
2. See masthead.


a small panel on or next to the door of a room or building, bearing the occupant's name and profession



1. a piece of metal, wood, or plastic on which the name of a person, company, etc., is printed or engraved.
2. Also called masthead, flag. the name of a newspaper printed on its front page or of a magazine printed on its cover.
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Noun1.nameplate - a plate bearing a namenameplate - a plate bearing a name    
doorplate - a nameplate fastened to a door; indicates the person who works or lives there
plate - a sheet of metal or wood or glass or plastic
صفيحَة الإسم على الباب
jmenovkaštítek se jménem


[ˈneɪmpleɪt] N (on door) → placa f (del nombre); (on goods) → placa f del fabricante


[ˈneɪmpleɪt] n (on door)plaque f


[ˈneɪmˌpleɪt] n (on door) → targa, targhetta


(neim) noun
1. a word by which a person, place or thing is called. My name is Rachel; She knows all the flowers by name.
2. reputation; fame. He has a name for honesty.
1. to give a name to. They named the child Thomas.
2. to speak of or list by name. He could name all the kings of England.
ˈnameless adjective
1. not having a name. a nameless fear.
2. not spoken of by name. The author of the book shall be nameless.
ˈnamely adverb
that is. Only one student passed the exam, namely John.
ˈnameplate noun
a piece of metal, plastic etc with a name on it. You will know his office by the nameplate on the door.
ˈnamesake noun
a person with the same name as oneself.
call (someone) names
to insult (someone) by applying rude names to him.
in the name of
by the authority of. I arrest you in the name of the Queen.
make a name for oneself
to become famous, get a (usually good) reputation etc. He made a name for himself as a concert pianist.
name after , (American) name for
to give (a child or a thing) the name of (another person). Peter was named after his father.
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The automaker has not revealed an official update but the first new BMW to revive the CSL nameplate is likely to be the M2.
the street nameplates shown in drawing rm 26271 in appendix 2 the specification is representative of the street nameplate that is required.
A house in the village, which was previously identified as of Pawan Kumar, now has a nameplate of his daughter, Monika.
Tina Smith, of Ruabon-based e House Nameplate Company, is mak-mak ing the 'nal preparations ahead of next month's launch of the company's new giftware brand Bespoke & Beautiful.
AN UGLY ' spat' took place in Parliament on Tuesday over removal of a nameplate of Telugu Desam Party ( TDP) by Trinamool Congress MPs.
Nostalgic train treasure AS a long term admirer of Sir Patrick Stewart's work and support for Huddersfield I was delighted that he was chosen to unveil this nameplate on the fright train.
A CHANCE to own a chunk of ferry memorabilia occurs in September when a nameplate from the current MV Royal Iris of the Mersey goes up for auction.
New Delhi, June 10 ( ANI ): Senior BJP leader L K Advani's nameplate has been reinstated in Parliament House, days after it was removed from the room he had occupied since the last 10 years.
I must point out though, that it is doubtful you'll find the Red Dragon in Swindon museum as it was the name of the train service not the locomotive and was depicted by a nameplate on the front of the boiler.
Summary: Toyota Motor, Asia's biggest carmaker, began selling a hybrid version of its best-selling Corolla nameplate in Japan to attract cost-conscious buyers seeking better fuel economy.
The monocrystalline Panda PV modules offer a standard power performance warranty that guarantees 98 percent of nameplate power for the first year, 92 percent of nameplate power for 10 years, and 82 percent of nameplate power for a period of 25 years.