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 (năn′sē, näN-sē′)
A city of northeast France east of Paris. The capital of the duchy and region of Lorraine, the city passed to France in 1766. It was heavily bombed in World War II.


 (năn′sē) also nance (năns)
n. pl. nan·cies also nanc·es Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for an effeminate man, especially one who is gay.

[From the name Nancy.]
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n, pl -cies
a. an effeminate or homosexual boy or man
b. (as modifier): his nancy ways.
[C20: from the girl's name Nancy]


(ˈnænsɪ; French nɑ̃si)
(Placename) a city in NE France: became the capital of the dukes of Lorraine in the 12th century, becoming French in 1766; administrative and financial centre. Pop: 107 434 (2006)
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(ˈnæn si; Fr. nɑ̃ˈsi)

a city in NE France. 306,982.
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Noun1.Nancy - a city in northeastern France in LorraineNancy - a city in northeastern France in Lorraine
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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n, nancy-boy
n (dated esp Brit inf)
(= homosexual)Schwule(r) m
(= softy)Weichling m (pej)
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From there, he took the role of house engineer at Millstream Studios in Cheltenham but continued with his first love, the guitar, playing with a variety of bands including Reg and the Nancy Boys, Top Catz and The Beat Goes On.
The poll also found three quarters of fans reckon today's players are 'nancy boys' compared to stars of the past.
Entertaining the dancing crowds in Ollie Hayes pub were Limerick group Hardy Drew And The Nancy Boys made up of brothers Ger, Brian and Doncha Corrigan.
The Well striker loved his first taste of continental football on Thursday when Well battled to a creditable 1-0 defeat in France and reckons they're well placed to turn over the Nancy boys in the return.
The queue of walking-wounded nancy boys would disappear as quickly as Gordon Brown off the front pages in America as soon as the Pope arrived on Shepherd One.
SO many times Arsenal have left the Reebok Stadium with their tails between their legs, written off as southern nancy boys.
If we do accept that rugby came to Wales from English public schools, however, it was only worth watching when Rhondda miners started playing in the pack in the 1890s and put the fear of God into those posh nancy boys across the border.
Not because they're nancy boys but because the Canadian state is deeply invested in the idea of Canada as the nancy-boy nation.
To show those overpaid nancy boys of association football a thing or two when it comes to crossing the equator on global duty.
What a bunch of nancy boys they must be with a name like that.
The poll also found three-quarters of fans believe today's players are 'nancy boys' compared to stars of the past.
"I imagine that he is still just as fiery as a manager, I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of his half-time tirade if Ipswich are losing!" The poll also found 75% of fans reckon today's players are 'nancy boys' compared to stars of the past.