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n. pl. nan·nies
A person, traditionally a woman, employed to take care of a child.

[Alteration of nana.]

nan′ny·ish adj.


overly protective
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In making assumptions about what receivers want, or are willing to tolerate, codecs behave in an authoritarian, or at least nannyish, fashion.
It seems nannyish to recount yet again the catalogue of diseases associated with smoking and drinking.
But if you compare how fragmented the rest of the racing world seems to be, and try to work out which organisation is actually in control of what, there is quite a strong contrast: breeders by and large just get on with things; they are not ridiculously over-regulated or subjected to nannyish thinking.
The more meddlesome, reaching, intrusive, nannyish, and pervasive government has grown the more valuable it has necessarily become as a tool of power, ergo the more big money has inevitably moved to buy it.
property or his liberty is not simply nannyish, inclined toward
Our job is to strike down only those laws that violate the Constitution, not the laws that we simply think are unreasonable or excessive or too nannyish."