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1. A usually carbon-based synthetic material whose fibers have a diameter of less than one micron.
2. One of these fibers.
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This capacity allows us to use unconventionally large nozzles to produce nanofibers. So that while the traditional melt blowing process uses nozzles ranging from 0.125 mm to 0.5 mm, our process can make nanofiber from nozzles as large as 2 mm.
R is the end-to-end vector of the macromolecule and p is the orientation vector of the nanofiber [24].
In recent years, cellulose nanofiber has gained more attention because of its potential to enhance the functionalities of food contact materials.
The results "demonstrate that a novel targeted nanofiber binds specifically to atherosclerotic lesions and reduces plaque burden after a short treatment duration," Mansukhani said in a statement.
For the I-V characteristic measurements, gold contacts (1 mm in diameter with a ~1.5mm distance between contacts; Figure 1) were deposited onto the nanofiber matrices on Si-Si[O.sub.2] substrates using a Cressington 108 Auto sputtering system.
Figures 5(d) and 5(e) depict the UV-Vis reflectance spectra of the PVP nanofiber and the PVP/C8 nanofiber mats, respectively.
The five nanofiber industrial production lines were launched in China in the wake of agreements between an Iranian and a Chinese company.
Cellulose nanofibers obtained from different treatment and different sources showed different properties [7-9].
Crush lesion was performed to determine the effect of zein-based nanofiber mats loaded with various concentrations of quercetin on the recovery of the sciatic nerve following injury in diabetic rats.
Patent 9,279,203 (March 8,2016), "Manufacturing Device and the Method of Preparing for the Nanofibers via Electro Blown Spinning Process," Yong Min Kim, Young Bin Sung, Rai Sangjang, and Kyoung Ryoul Ahn (E.I.
The report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the global nanofiber market for 2016-2020.