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A mechanical or electronic device whose parts are single atoms or molecules.
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"What we've made is a hybrid nanomachine that uses both designed components and natural biological motors," Kosuri said.
Langlois et al., "Trajectories of the ribosome as a Brownian nanomachine," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol.
One such example is a DNA nanomachine based on an intramolecular i-motif that has been used as a pH sensor inside living cells [18].
But in the nanomachine world the things aren't bits packaged in bytes, they're atoms packaged in molecules.
Microelectromechanical systems (or MEMS, to be succinct) are one step ahead of their smaller evolutionary cousin, the nanomachine, in that they are already integral to daily life for many of us.
Among their topics are the biogenesis of cellulose nanofibrils by a biological nanomachine, poly-electrolyte multilayers for fiber engineering, lignin as a functional biomaterial with potential in surface chemistry and nanoscience, bacterial cellulose and its polymeric nanocomposites, the development and application of naturally renewable scaffold materials for bone tissue engineering, and the template synthesis of nanostructured metals using cellulose nanocrystal.
A major advance in the field occurred in 2007, when David Leigh, a researcher at the University of Edinburgh, revealed that he had built a "nanomachine" whose parts consisted of single molecules.
To help ensure that the accidental creation of a gray-goo nanomachine remains a practical impossibility, Drexler's Foresight Institute, a nonprofit organization he founded to "help prepare society for anticipated advanced technologies," has prescribed guidelines for the safe development of NT.
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