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Variant of nannoplankton.


(ˈnænəʊˌplæŋktən) or


(Zoology) microscopic organisms in plankton


or nan•o•plank•ton

(ˌnæn əˈplæŋk tən)

plankton that can pass through fine mesh nets.
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Ciliates are the dominant grazers on pico- and nanoplankton in a shallow, naturally highly eutrophic lake.
Some factors in the use of nanoplankton cultures as food for larval and juvenile bivalves.
0]) was consistent with the simultaneous counts of autofluorescent cells in the size of nanoplankton (HakspielSegura, 2005; Hakspiel-Segura et al.
These free-living stages feed on nanoplankton [14,15].
Counting used the nanoplankton counting chamber, and genus identification used the 400x Leica light microscope.
Asi, muchas unidades Mio-Pliocenas ascendieron al Pleistoceno y se inicio un debate por el Limite Oligoceno-Mioceno, que ha durado mas de 20 anos y que solo pudo facilitarse, con el uso del nanoplankton.
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Tintinnids which belong to the group Ciliophora constitute a principal component of marine microzooplankton and are major consumers of nanoplankton in the pelagic food web.
Later study showed ostracods, diatoms, and nanoplankton were also present (7).
Planktic foraminifera and calcareous nanoplankton biostratigraphy of the Neogene of Mexico.