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Being at a scale so small that the behavior of individual atoms dominates the properties of a material or phenomenon; smaller than a micron and larger than an atom.

[nano- + -scopic (as in microscopic).]
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JULY 3, 2019 -- A particularly aggressive, metastasizing form of cancer, HER2-positive breast cancer, may be treated with nanoscopic particles "imprinted" with specific binding sites for the receptor molecule HER2.
"Sharks have this incredible ability to pick up nanoscopic currents while swimming through a blizzard of electric noise.
At these nanoscopic depths, in classical physics, scientific engagements lose validity and we enter the space-time continuum paradox of the quantum realm.
Moe was Monet on mounds in 2019, owning a 9-2 record and a nanoscopic 0.24 ERA heading into Monday's Class 3A Naperville supersectional against Montini Catholic at North Central College.
nanoLOCK surface technology incorporates a significant amount of the microscopic and nanoscopic features found on natural bone via a combination of roughened topographies at the macro, micro, and nano levels.
"These experiments allow us to see the nanoscopic details within the individual fibres that make up the stretched film," said Zhang Jiang, one of the researchers.
'The regeneration goes beyond the nanoscopic trauma that this technology causes to fibers.
Kemp studies how electromagnetic waves affect materials at microscopic and nanoscopic levels.
"Above the transition the liquid is very fluid and crystallization is extremely rapid, while below the transition the liquid stiffens up quickly and retains the amorphous, low-conductivity state down to room temperature." In nanoscopic 'bits,' it then remains indefinitely stable until instructed by a computer-programmed heat pulse to rise instantly to a temperature where, on a nanosecond time scale, it flash crystallizes to the conducting state, the "on" state.
Neffos claims that its nanoscopic silver paste is what gives the device a metallic finish making it look sleeker.