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Being at a scale so small that the behavior of individual atoms dominates the properties of a material or phenomenon; smaller than a micron and larger than an atom.

[nano- + -scopic (as in microscopic).]
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It is reasoned that this up-to-now uninvestigated inclusion of nanoscopic droplets gives rise to the enhanced fatigue life, as demonstrated by the tear analyzer measurements (figure 3).
Projects are typically interdisciplinary and may encompass scales from the nanoscopic to the bulk.
An attempt is also made to follow the mutual interaction between the nanoscopic structure formed between MWCNT-MWCNT or MWCNT/TPU interconnectivity and the microphase separation process.
Nanoscopic lasers -- first demonstrated in 2009 -- are only found in research labs today.
11a), By Industry (Automotive, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage and Others), By Application (Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Nanoscopic Sensing and Others) & Geography.
8220;Until you get down to the microscopic and nanoscopic level to look at the structural and chemical evolution that's happening in the cells—then you can't truly address those issues that come up.
Moreover, a decrease in the particle size from macroscopic scale to nanoscopic leads to changes in physico-chemical properties of the delivery materials and thus particles with smaller size may elicit different biological responses including toxicity (Yin et al.
According to Advincula, it is useful to think that coatings are essentially nanoscopic phenomena that have been translated to macroscopic visibility.
Polymer nanocomposites are materials in which nanoscopic inorganic or organic particles, typically 10-1000 A in at least one dimension, are dispersed in an organic polymer matrix in order to improve the properties of the polymer dramatically.
In this context, small systems are objects composed of a small number of particles, as is typical at mesoscopic and nanoscopic scales.
Contributions that specifically address the role of nanoscopic properties in these areas are of particular interest.