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n. Abbr. nT
One billionth (10-9) of a tesla.


(Units) a unit of measurement of a magnetic field, equal to one billionth of a tesla


(ˈnæn əˌtɛs lə, ˈneɪ nə-)
n., pl. -las.
one billionth of a tesla.
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Persinger MA, Cook LL, Koren SA (2000) Suppression of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in rats by brief, hourly pulses of nanoTesla complex magnetic fields that simulate geomagnetic activity.
1], respectively Magnetics Magnetic anomalies in nanoTesla /nT units Gravity Bouguer gravity anomaly /Gal Climate Rainfall Average annual rainfall, mm Minimum temperature Average annual minimum temperature /[degrees]C Maximum temperature Average annual maximum temperature /[degrees]C Potential Mean annual evapotranspiration evapotranspiration /mm Solar radiation Mean annual solar radiation /J [m.
To set the scene for some of the content that follows, the field is commonly measured in nanoTesla (nT) units; the undisturbed field in southern Britain is ~48,500nT, with components of say 19,700nT northwards in the horizontal plane and 44,300nT vertically down.
In all cases the amplitudes used are very low, usually between 100 nanoTesla (nT) and 1000 nT, and rarely above 5000 nT.
At Mercury's equator, however, the craft detected a persistent magnetic field of a few hundred nanotesla equivalent to about one-hundredth that of Earth's.
Tests have been done from weak magnetic induction, in the order of nanoteslas (nT) to more than 1 T, among exposure times from minutes to days.
In addition Dst values larger than -20 nanoteslas (nT).
Initial review has identified 3 high magnetic intensity areas over a 750 meter distance with the largest area having a magnetic intensity greater than 78,000 nanoTeslas over a surface area of approximately 750 meters by 750 meters.
The company is awaiting complete results and analysis, but an initial review has identified three high magnetic intensity areas over a one kilometre distance, with the largest area having a magnetic intensity greater than 78,000 nanoTeslas over an ellipsoidal surface area of approximately 750 metres by 750 metres.
The most distinct is a positive monopolar anomaly of up to approximately 17 nanoteslas (nT) above background centred on the area of the channel and excavation, in an area found to produce the most ceramic material (Fig.
La Formacion Barroso esta en contacto probablemente fallado en el sector mas oriental con el Stock Gabroico de Pereira, el cual refleja altos valores de anomalia magnetica, alrededor de 100 nanoTeslas (Figura 7).