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Noun1.nanus - a person who is markedly smallnanus - a person who is markedly small  
hypophysial dwarf, Levi-Lorrain dwarf, pituitary dwarf - a dwarf whose condition is caused by a deficiency of growth hormones, rather than by genetic factors (as in the case of the achondroplastic dwarf)
hypoplastic dwarf, normal dwarf, primordial dwarf, true dwarf - an achondroplastic dwarf whose small size is the result of a genetic defect; body parts and mental and sexual development are normal
small person - a person of below average size
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Hylesia nanus was the most severe lepidopteran defoliator of eucalyptus in the first half of 2015 in this region, and the severity and the time frame in which the defoliation happened stimulated this research.
Everyone was shocked this morning from the clip where passengers are attacking a steward on Arkia [sic]," Nanus opined on Twitter, pointing to a racist comment hurled at the steward.
Eumops nanus (Miller, 1900) se distingue de las demas especies del genero por su menor tamano, representado por una menor longitud del antebrazo (< 42 mm) y craneo (< 17 mm) (Eger, 1977).
Cercartetus nanus is considered to be a midstorey specialist, occurring in a range of vegetation types such as rainforest, sclerophyll forest, shrubland, heathland and woodland (Harris 2008).
When Chu and Nanus combined efforts with the help of the Seed Grants for Intercampus Collaborative Research Cornell Prostate Cancer Research Group, they discovered that Chu's newly developed positively charged polysaccharides selectively bound to the negatively charged cell membrane of prostate cancer cells, killing the cancer cells in the process.
Visionary Leadership: Creating a Compelling Sense of Direction for Your Organization, by Bert Nanus (Jossey-Bass, 1992)
The most widely-grown group are the Nanus hybrids, again with narrow leaves and large, triangular-shaped flowers but flowering later.