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n. pl. na·oi (-oi)
See cella.

[Greek dialectal nāos, temple, shrine.]


n, pl naoi (ˈneɪɔɪ)
1. (Architecture) rare an ancient classical temple
2. (Architecture) architect another name for cella
[C18: from Greek: inner part of temple]


(ˈneɪ ɒs)

n., pl. -oi (-oi).
1. a temple or shrine.
2. cella.
[1765–75; < Greek nāós dwelling of a god, inner part of a temple, shrine]
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The Caisse des Depots, together with Ojirel and Naos Invest, have acquired the 106-room Hilton Garden Inn in Le Havre from developer Linkcity Grand Ouest, a subsidiary of Bouygues Immobilier.
The rising disposable incomes, the aspiring and beauty-conscious millennials are expected to drive growth and transform the cosmetics industry in the coming years", said Sanjay Sahu, Managing Director of NAOS Skin Care India Private Limited.
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En el, Carneiro estudia el concepto de "infortunio" en relatos de viaje, especificamente en el Libro de infortunios y naufragios de Historia general y natural de las Indias y tierra firme del mar oceano de Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo, finalizado hacia 1549, e Historia tragico-maritima en que se escrevem chronologicamente os Naufragios que tiverao as Naos de Portugal, depois que se poz em exercicio a Navegacao da India, relatos recopilados por Bernardo Gomes de Brito hacia 1735-1736.
Als Beispiel fur eine solche Farbung kann Naos Turin, Museo Egizio n.
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In a previous investigation, brake squeal was found to be related to disc wear, but not to pad wear or in-stop average coefficient of friction as tested according to the SAE J2522 performance procedure, using Low-Copper NAOs. To further validate the disc wear - squeal correlation, a variety of formulations of No-Copper, Low-Copper and High-Copper NAO disc pads were made and tested to investigate friction, pad wear, disc wear, brake squeal and wheel dust formation.