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also naph·tha·line  (năf′thə-lēn′, năp′-) or naph·tha·lin (-lĭn)
A white crystalline aromatic compound, C10H8, derived from coal tar or petroleum and used in manufacturing dyes, moth repellents, and explosives and as a solvent. Also called tar camphor.

naph′tha·len′ic (-lĕn′ĭk) adj.
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The first superplasticizer additives belonged, mostly, to one of the following categories of chemical compounds: sulphonated melamine resins and sulphonated naphthalenic resins.
This new termiticide relies on low concentrations of naphthalenic compounds similar to those used in mothballs.
The seven different drag flow conditions were run with each of the following mixtures: polyisoprene and 5 parts silica (Case 1), polyisoprene and 30 parts silica (Case 2), polyisoprene and 30 parts silica fed immediately before mixing elements (Case 3), polyisoprene with 5 parts silica and 5 parts naphthalenic petroleum off (Case 4), and polyisoprene with 5 parts silica and 11.