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 (năf′thēn′, năp′-)
Any of several cycloalkane hydrocarbons having the general formula CnH2n and found in various petroleums.

naph·then′ic (-thĕn′ĭk) adj.
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(ˈnæfθiːn; ˈnæp-)
(Chemistry) any of a class of cycloalkanes, mainly derivatives of cyclopentane, found in petroleum
[C20: from naphtha + -ene]
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(ˈnæf θin, ˈnæp-)

any of a group of hydrocarbon ring compounds of the general formula CnH2n, found in certain petroleums.
[1840–50; naphth(a) + -ene]
naph•the′nic (-ˈθi nɪk, -ˈθɛn ɪk) adj.
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These peaks at m/z 83, 111, 125 are typical for monocyclic naphthenes and are corresponding to the [CnH2n-1]+.
If [RQ.sub.1] = [RQ.sub.2] (e.g., blends of naphthenes and alcohols), (N) does not yield "x" since RQ is independent of Fuel 1 mole fraction in blend.
Specific parameters are only deemed to increase the particle formation tendencies of a fuel and therefore have an index range from -1 to -8 (aromatics C10, aromatics >C10, naphthenes C10, paraffins >C11, high boilings).
The RON 80 gasoline shows higher concentration of the saturated compositions (such as paraffins, isoparaffins, and naphthenes) than the RON 92 E10, that is, the RON 80 gasoline is consisted of mostly paraffinic components.
They are characterized by the following values of chemical shifts [18]: A, aromatic (6.2-8.0 ppm); B, olefin (4.0-6.2 ppm); C, methyl and methylene at [alpha]-position to the benzene ring (1.0-3.6 ppm); D, methine from paraffins and naphthenes (1.5-2.0 ppm); E, methylene from paraffins and naphthenes (1.05-1.5 ppm); F, methyl (0.5-1.05 ppm).
"Awareness of catalyst regeneration (part of a process used in the petroleum and petrochemical industries, which produces aromatics from naphthenes and paraffins commonly used as motor fuel) should be promoted.
In naphthenes, what is the most popular cycloalkanes applied in the industry maybe cyclohexane, a colorless liquid, which is easy to volatile and burn.
Categorically the substrate during the present study was an extremely complex mixture of saturates (paraffins + some naphthenes) as the chief constituents.
Aviation fuels consist of blends of over a thousand chemicals, primarily hydrocarbons (paraffins, olefins, naphthenes, and aromatics), additives such as antioxidants and metal deactivators, and impurities.
Real-Time Analyzer's Portable Fuel Quality Analyzer (PFQA) determines the following physical and chemical properties for diesel, gasoline and jet fuels in 10 sec: cetane index, cloud point, density, distillation values (0, 50, 90 and 100%), flash point, freezing point, octane (AKI), pour point and viscosity; as well as aromatics, BTEX, biodiesel, ethanol, FSII, MTBE, naphthenes, olefins, saturates and sulfur.
An aromatic hydrocarbon present in small proportion in some crude oils and made commercially from petroleum by the catalytic reforming of naphthenes in petroleum naphtha.