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nap 1

A brief sleep, often during the day.
intr.v. napped, nap·ping, naps
1. To sleep for a brief period, often during the day; doze.
2. To be unaware of imminent danger or trouble; be off guard: The civil unrest caught the police napping.

[Middle English, from nappen, to doze, from Old English hnappian.]

nap′per n.

nap 2

A soft or fuzzy surface on fabric or leather.
tr.v. napped, nap·ping, naps
To form or raise a soft or fuzzy surface on (fabric or leather).

[Alteration (perhaps influenced by obsolete French nape, tablecloth) of Middle English noppe, from Middle Dutch.]

nap 3

tr.v. napped, nap·ping, naps
To pour or put a sauce or gravy over (a cooked dish) in a thin, even layer: "a stuffed veal chop napped with an elegant Port sauce" (Jay Jacobs).

[French napper, from nappe, cover; see nappe.]

nap 4

a. A trick-taking card game in which each player is dealt five cards and bids the number of tricks he or she intends to take, with the highest bidder deciding the trump.
b. The first bid of five tricks in this game, the maximum number in a hand. Also called napoleon.
2. See napoleon1.

[Short for napoleon.]
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(Textiles) a person or thing that raises the nap on cloth


Brit a slang or dialect word for head1
[C18: from nap1]
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[ˈnæpəʳ] N (= head) → coca f
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n (Brit inf: = a person’s head) → Birne f (inf)
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