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Noun1.Napu - chevrotain somewhat larger than the kanchilnapu - chevrotain somewhat larger than the kanchil; found in India and Malaya
chevrotain, mouse deer - very small hornless deer-like ruminant of tropical Asia and west Africa
genus Tragulus, Tragulus - type genus of the Tragulidae
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kid kid dikdik--two goats, small antelope marmot tom ram--rodent, cat, sheep martin nit ram--[approximately equal to] swallow, louse, sheep marten egret toad napu panda otter genet ram--napu = chevrotain (W) + 7 common animals motmot tom tom--colourful tropical bird, two cats oka miro korimako--oca (W), NZ tree, NZ bellbird tangelo mole gnat--hybrid citrus, talpid, a fly
GA, SA, NO and IAA were used to prime the seeds of Brassica napus to study the drought stress induced variations.
napus (r= 0.766; P= 0.0037 **), whereas relative humidity and rainfall had significantly negative correlation (r= -0.759; P= 0.0041 **, r= -0.715; P= 0.0089 **).
et al., Cytoskeletal changes and induction of embryogenesis in microspore and pollen cultures of Brassica napus L.
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Brassica napus seeds (Nanwu kemao Co., Ltd., Beijing, China) were purchased from a farm market.
Canola (Brassica napus L.) crop is among the important sources of edible oil in Pakistan.
The study investigates the impact of polluted sediment on the morphological and biochemical prospects of Brassica napus seedlings, grown in vitro.