narcotic antagonist

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Noun1.narcotic antagonist - an antagonist used to counteract the effects of narcotics (especially to counteract the depression of respiration)
antagonist - a drug that neutralizes or counteracts the effects of another drug
Nalline, nalorphine - a narcotic antagonist (trade name Nalline) that counteracts the effects of narcotics (especially the effects of poisoning by morphine)
naloxone, Narcan - a potent narcotic antagonist (trade name Narcan) especially effective with morphine
naltrexone - an oral antagonist against the action of opiates
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The most common side effect is pruritus, which may be treated with a narcotic antagonist such as naloxone.
Fortunately, he got here soon enough for us to administer stuff called Narcan, which is a potent narcotic antagonist.
In addition, a greater effect on craving is an advantage over naltrexone, a narcotic antagonist that blocks the effects of opiates but does little for the craving.