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nar′co·traf′fick·er n.
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Noun1.narcotraffic - traffic in illegal drugs
traffic - buying and selling; especially illicit trade
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From the mid-1980s onwards, increased levels of global trade accelerated the introduction of agribusiness and narcotraffic into this previously fixed context.
Paulo Lins's background as a resident of the favela, his university studies in literature at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, his work as an assistant for Alba zaluar on her anthropological study of urban violence and narcotraffic, and his poetry and experiments in neo-Concretism all contribute to the novel's unique vision of the complexity of the favela.
We said in our workshop at the meeting of the International Executive Meeting in Berlin that 'Plan Colombia' was designed as a counter insurgency plan using the narcotraffic as an excuse.
So that the van couldn't be used for narcotraffic again, three ejido members proceeded to decommission it.
Think of how the ability of narcotraffic to expand in Mexico is both an expression and a source of state incapacity and public insecurity, while at the same time it presents stark challenges for national security (traditionally conceived) because of its interface with the United States (see Sermeno 2007).