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nar′co·traf′fick·er n.
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Noun1.narcotraffic - traffic in illegal drugs
traffic - buying and selling; especially illicit trade
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Working on a story about a rogue Texas cop who may also have been a narcotrafficker, I some years back called the CIA to ask if it had ever worked with an Indonesian air-cargo service that once employed him.
In that month, Chevron, on its website, revealed clandestine video footage, apparently recorded by tiny cameras and microphones hidden in a pen--and taken by a duo including an ex-felon and narcotrafficker as well as by a long-time employee of Chevron--indicating that the Ecuadorian Judge in Lago Agrio who presided over the case had already decided to rule against Chevron even before the case had officially closed.
But somehow the fact that Escobar was a narcotrafficker made it OK.
Known as Commander Yair, he is named after the infamous Israeli mercenary who trained paramilitaries in the 1980s at the behest of the paramilitaries' prime sponsor at that time, a powerful narcotrafficker of the Medellin Cartel named Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha (Duzan, 1994).
Department Counselor Thomas Shannon has met twice with Maduro in Caracas in recent months; his meeting in Haiti in mid-June with accused narcotrafficker Diosdado Cabello demoralized many in the internal opposition who concluded that Washington was making a pact with the worst elements of the regime.
In the meantime, however, it suffered serious penetration from the Cali cartel, that was, according to intellectuals and officials, "narcotrafficker but not narcoterrorist." (15) An important sector of the political class was on the payroll of the cartels, or had a relation with them verging on complicity.
The voyeur finds twisted satiation in the color series of award-winning photos illustrating "La muerte de Ramon Arellano." While the violent death of a narcotrafficker might not seem that unusual, the straightforward photos provoke a visceral reaction.
George Bush I invaded Panama, burning down entire neighborhoods of the capital and killing hundreds of people, to collar a single two-bit narcotrafficker. The Clinton administration embarked on a nutty $1.5 billion intervention in Colombia's civil war-not because the guerrillas there are Stalinist butchers, but because they sell cocaine.
"Paco," a 27-year-old narcotrafficker and bank robber, and "Roberto," a 29-year-old assailant, compared their criminal activity to that of the "authorities" during a 1996 interview with journalist Ramon Marques in the Reclusorio Oriente (East Penitentiary).
The Colombian authorities' arrest of Brazilian narcotrafficker Luis Fernando da Costa in April 2001 at a FARC military camp confirmed extensive FARC involvement in the drug trade, and led to the recent U.S.
"In some ways, the journalists union has accepted some of the rules the narcotraffickers play by If it is known that a narcotrafficker has a large stash of drugs in a house, the journalists union says we shouldn't report it.
In August, Leoncio Mareco, a Paraguayan associate of Brazilian narcotrafficker, Ivan Mendes Mesquita, was convicted on drug trafficking and money laundering offenses and sentenced to 20 years in prison, and his wife to 10 years for money laundering.