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The smuggling and distribution of illegal drugs.
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In other words, the researchers write, "narcotrafficking is as widespread and difficult to eradicate as it is because of interdiction, and increased interdiction will continue to spread traffickers into new areas, allowing them to continue to move drugs north." Like drug prohibition, which motivates all manner of innovative and adaptive criminal activity, drug interdiction undermines itself.
** These criminals and their cronies have looted at least $350 billion in Venezuelan oil revenue and the profits of narcotrafficking. Venezuelan operatives linked to the narcoregime in Caracas carry out vast international money laundering and smuggling schemes.
Situating itself in the context of such global crises as Argentina's and Uruguay's 2001/2002 monetary crisis, the 2008/2009 Wall Street financial crisis, the Arab Spring, the rise of ISIS and ISIL, and narcotrafficking, this book examines the expressions of crisis of traditional spaces of power, such as the state, in twenty-first century Uruguayan independent theater.
"The United States must use all available tools to protect the American homeland and our people from the Venezuelan dictatorship's egregious support for terrorism and narcotrafficking. We strongly believe that the Maduro regime meets the criteria necessary to designate the current Venezuelan government as a state sponsor of terrorism." The sanction would be a strong, solid move by the Trump administration against a Latin American strongman who is ruining his country.
either directly manages or co-manages the world's most important settlements systems, giving it an important way to monitor and limit the flow of funds related to terrorism, narcotrafficking, illegal weapons sales, tax evasion and other illicit activities.
works closely with Colombia to disrupt narcotrafficking, while simultaneously supporting Colombian efforts to develop legitimate economic opportunities for those in rural, conflict-affected regions through support to legal crop alternatives and improved access to financing and markets.
One way of checking this hypothesis would be to analyze the dynamic generators of the murders and actual bodily harm incidents as, for example, the involvement of incidents with narcotrafficking having a common criminality element or with crimes of passion such as aggression against women, amongst others.
Chapters address specific political, social, and historical phenomena created by neoliberal practices in the Americas, specifically NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), privatization, and economic liberalization; the 1994 Balseros Crisis, when rafters left Cuba due to economic conditions; femicide, particularly the killings in JuAaAaAeA re Mexico; and narcotrafficking. They discuss the work of playwrights MarAaAeAeAia Irene FornAaAaAeA?s, CherrAaAeAeAie Moraga, Michael John GarcAaAaAeA?s, Carida Quiara AlegrAaAeAeAia Hudes, Victor Cazares, Jorge Ignacio Croti[+ or -]as, Tan Saracho, Luis Valdez, Octavio Solis, Eduardo Machado, Nilo Cruz, Coco Fusco, Marisela Orta, Humberto L pez, Cristina Michaus, and Matthew Paul Olmos.
(5) One of the rare exceptions was the communist insurgency in Colombia, but US concern was more about the insurgents' involvement in narcotrafficking than their dilapidated ideology.
Even before Sterling and Malory Archer left behind their spy organization, ISIS, for narcotrafficking in "Archer" Season 5, subtitled "Vice," "Archer" has experimented with serial storytelling and storytelling variations on its James Bond spoof origins.