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n. pl. nar·es (-ēz)
An external opening in the nasal cavity of a vertebrate; a nostril.

[Latin nāris; see nas- in Indo-European roots.]

nar′i·al (-ē-əl) adj.
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pl n, sing naris (ˈnɛərɪs)
(Anatomy) anatomy the nostrils
[C17: from Latin; related to Old English nasu, Latin nāsus nose]
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(ˈnɛər iz), sing. nar•is (ˈnɛər ɪs)
the nostrils or the nasal passages.
[1685–95; < Latin nārēs, pl. of nāris a nostril; see nose]
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The nasal openings: nostrils.
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The palatine artery arises from the internal carotid artery and supplies the palatal mucosa around the internal nares by terminal branches (Fig.
The specimens were collected from both of the anterior nares by one cotton swab that was moistened with sterile saline.
'But when the alert level was raised to 3 [on Sunday night], I had them evacuated even in the middle of heavy rain,' Nares said.
Nares Strait and the drift of Greenland: A conflict in plate tectonics.
Nares decrying the talk of Hindu nation based on superstition in this novel lamented the fact that, "Two very sinister consequences are seen to flow from this conception of a religious basis of nationality in the present work.
They carry this bacterium as commensal at different body sites like skin creases, axilla, groin skin folds and nasal nares. Nasal nares is the most common site of S.aureus to resides in as commensal.3
Nares became the first explorer to take his ships all the way north through the channel between Greenland and Ellesmere Island, which is now named Nares Strait in his honour, to the Lincoln Sea.
The appraisal mission will bring together all TAAT participating CGIAR centres and non-CGIAR institutions as well as NARES partners that have submitted technologies that are ready to be scaled up/out for consideration under the programme.
The nasal compartments of cavity extended from anterior nares to posterior nares (choanae) and continued caudally as nasopharynx.