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Jabak said that smoking cigarettes and nargileh could be a gateway to addiction to more dangerous drugs.
People are still driving their cars, walking around, and smoking nargileh [waterpipe] on their balconies."
Young Syrian men smoke 'nargileh' or waterpipes, which are popular among locals and tourists, at a traditional cafe in Damascus' Old City.
The only down side in this case was that the service was extremely slow, but Bay Street could become the go-to option in town for some good nargileh.
In a similar vein, although Marton claims that the book is "a real novel, with flesh and blood characters" (9) (2006: 205; my translation), which seemingly contradicts the view of the early reviews, he then immediately contradicts himself as he lists several literary stereotypes: "the village Vogt is a wily miser and liar, the Arab snobs smoking nargileh in the cafes of Jerusalem are pale copies of their Bloomsbury originals, while the representatives of the colonial power are nitwits who stepped over from the novels of contemporary English authors" (10) (2006: 206; my translation).
Experimenting nargileh: having smoked nargileh at least one time for a life time.
Investigation of mainstream smoke aerosol of the nargileh water pipe.
Visitors can see the minaret in the town square and men can visit the Turkish baths where locals still go to hang out, smoke nargileh pipes and indulge in massages under Ottoman domed ceilings.
In the food and beverage sector, while there may not be many luxurious, high end venues performing well, smaller projects -- from neighborhood bars to cozy bistros to nargileh houses -- are witnessing growth, and many more such projects are in the pipeline for 2015.
Cigarette and nargileh smoking practices among school students in Beirut, Lebanon.
The Charles Hotel has adopted the Arabian custom of sociability and friendship and serves the nargileh or shisha offerings, together with Arabian tea and coffee, in its Shisha Lounge on the restaurant terrace.
sits an Arab with a nargileh, even if it began in Siberia.