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Noun1.narrow margin - a small margin; "the president was not humbled by his narrow margin of victory"; "the landslide he had in the electoral college obscured the narrowness of a victory based on just 43% of the popular vote"
margin - an amount beyond the minimum necessary; "the margin of victory"
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But once he was married, what would become of this narrow margin of life in which his real experiences were lived?
If a gentlemanly residence coming strictly within this narrow margin had not been essential to the blood of the Barnacles, this particular branch would have had a pretty wide selection among, let us say, ten thousand houses, offering fifty times the accommodation for a third of the money.
This narrow margin of grass between the path and the flower-bed.
NOW that Sadiq Sanjrani is safely ensconced in his seat as chairman of Senate after surviving the opposition-led no confidence motion, albeit by a narrow margin, one needs to discuss the utility of this upper chamber of parliament.
Faisalabad team managed to beat Rawalpindi by a narrow margin of 3-2 after tough contest.
Sheriff McKenzie, who adjourned proceedings to consider his punishment, said he only avoided jail by a "narrow margin," after pleading guilty in advance of a trial.
LAHORE -- Polo D Sufi defeated PBG/Remounts by a narrow margin of 9-8 to qualify for the main final of the Battle Axe Polo Cup 2019 here at Cavalry Polo ground on Friday.
Sheikhupura edged out Muridke by a narrow margin of five points in the second encounter.
The Red-and-Blacks managed to taste victory by the narrow margin of 19-12 in the recent John Ratcliffe/ Anthony Morris Memorial Cup.
The Chinese side edged past their opposition and won the third set by a narrow margin of 30-28.
According to results, the PTI chief had bagged 84, 313 votes, defeating the former railway minister with a narrow margin of 650 votes as the latter could secure 83,633 votes.