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Being or designating a jet aircraft having a narrow fuselage with seats for passengers on either side of a single aisle running the length of the fuselage.
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Adj.1.narrow-bodied - having a relatively narrow body
bodied - having a body or a body of a specified kind; often used in combination; "strong-bodied"; "big-bodied"
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India's national carrier Air India has banned the carrying of Zamzam cans on its narrow-bodied aircraft with immediate effect.
Jet Airways is likely to close the order for another 75 narrow-bodied planes by the end of this month, chief executive of the airline Vinay Dube said on Thursday.
KARACHI -- Government of Sindh has been reluctant to ban narrow-bodied public transport minibuses and coaches in Karachi, despite fully knowing that the widebodied buses are the only solution to poor commuting system in the port city.
Located in Tucson International Airport, Ascent has served narrow-bodied aircraft.
New York (AirGuide - Inside Air Travel) Bombardier's long-awaited, narrow-bodied CSeries aircraft are scheduled to enter into service next year, marking a pivotal point for the company.
AIRBUS has won two new orders for its A320 series of narrow-bodied airliners bringing the total ordered to more than 10,200.

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