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Adj.1.narrow-mouthed - having a narrow mouth
narrow - not wide; "a narrow bridge"; "a narrow line across the page"
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The second composition stood out for the brilliant interplay between the accompaniments - the mridangam (a double-headed percussion instrument), the tabla played by Pandit Tanmay Bose, the ghatam (a narrow-mouthed clay pot used as percussion) played by T.
Expansion and consolidation of the populations of the Desmoulin s whorl snail (Vertigo moulinsiana) and the narrow-mouthed whorl snail (V.
30am, swiveling coloured sand in narrow-mouthed glass bottles so that morning crowds at the mall might have a look at his wares that cost anything from Dh50 to Dh1,000.
Thick Red Slipped ware forms include large and narrow-mouthed globular jars and pots and medium-sized handis (wide-mouthed, carinated cooking vessels with sloping upper sides and round bases), decorated with wavy lines, criss-cross incisions, herringbone patterns and chevrons.
Kyoto University professor and amphibian specialist Masafumi Matsui, who has long been conducting fieldwork in Borneo, described the new species of narrow-mouthed frog of the genus Microhyla in a report in the latest edition of the academic journal Zootaxa.
Over 60 pieces were displayed, including vases, cups, bowls and traditional narrow-mouthed bottles.
Duong then used a small chunk of clay and some water from his bucket to form a handle and attach it to the large, narrow-mouthed piece.
The congenital type is typically small and narrow-mouthed while the acquired type is larger and wide-mouthed.