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Adj.1.narrow-mouthed - having a narrow mouth
narrow - not wide; "a narrow bridge"; "a narrow line across the page"
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In their narrow-mouthed caves the natives, whoever they might be, had refuges into which the huge saurians could not penetrate, while with their developed brains they were capable of setting such traps, covered with branches, across the paths which marked the run of the animals as would destroy them in spite of all their strength and activity.
MTHNM, which serves as a watershed for Camiguin, is home to endemic fauna, including the hawk owl, hanging parrot, yellowish bulbul, and golden yellow white eye birds, as well as the Camiguin forest mouse and rat, and the narrow-mouthed frog.
YETI calls this Over-the-Nose technology--which represents easy filling, drinking and cleaning unlike many other narrow-mouthed drinking bottles on the market.
The second composition stood out for the brilliant interplay between the accompaniments - the mridangam (a double-headed percussion instrument), the tabla played by Pandit Tanmay Bose, the ghatam (a narrow-mouthed clay pot used as percussion) played by T.
Expansion and consolidation of the populations of the Desmoulin s whorl snail (Vertigo moulinsiana) and the narrow-mouthed whorl snail (V.
30am, swiveling coloured sand in narrow-mouthed glass bottles so that morning crowds at the mall might have a look at his wares that cost anything from Dh50 to Dh1,000.
Kyoto University professor and amphibian specialist Masafumi Matsui, who has long been conducting fieldwork in Borneo, described the new species of narrow-mouthed frog of the genus Microhyla in a report in the latest edition of the academic journal Zootaxa.