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adj. nar·row·er, nar·row·est
1. Of small or limited width, especially in comparison with length.
2. Limited in area or scope; cramped.
3. Lacking flexibility; rigid: narrow opinions.
4. Barely sufficient; close: a narrow margin of victory.
5. Painstakingly thorough or attentive; meticulous: narrow scrutiny.
6. Linguistics Tense.
v. nar·rowed, nar·row·ing, nar·rows
1. To reduce in width or extent; make narrower.
2. To limit or restrict: narrowed the possibilities down to three.
To become narrower; contract.
1. A part of little width, as a pass through mountains.
2. narrows(used with a sing. or pl. verb)
a. A body of water with little width that connects two larger bodies of water.
b. A part of a river or an ocean current that is not wide.

[Middle English narwe, from Old English nearu.]

nar′row·ish adj.
nar′row·ly adv.
nar′row·ness n.
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References in classic literature ?
That mist which covers everything in that blissful time when childhood is just ending, and out of that vast circle, happy and gay, there is a path growing narrower and narrower, and it is delightful and alarming to enter the ballroom, bright and splendid as it is....
The whaling-spade used for cutting-in is made of the very best steel; is about the bigness of a man's spread hand; and in general shape, corresponds to the garden implement after which it is named; only its sides are perfectly flat, and its upper end considerably narrower than the lower.
Moreover, the art attains its end within narrower limits; for the concentrated effect is more pleasurable than one which is spread over a long time and so diluted.
The author clearly has developed a remarkable natural aptitude for literature by liberal reading and most patient care [56] in composition--composition in that narrower sense which is concerned with the building of a good sentence; as also in that wider sense, which ensures, in a work like this, with so many joints, so many currents of interest, a final unity of impression an the part of the reader, and easy transition by him from one to the other.
But the dwarf was enraged at his behaviour, and laid a fairy spell of ill-luck upon him; so that as he rode on the mountain pass became narrower and narrower, and at last the way was so straitened that he could not go to step forward: and when he thought to have turned his horse round and go back the way he came, he heard a loud laugh ringing round him, and found that the path was closed behind him, so that he was shut in all round.
The tissue of vague dreams must now get narrower and narrower, and all the threads of thought and emotion be gradually absorbed in the woof of her actual daily life.
But that crowd of people had a far narrower escape than mine.
But the valley grew narrow and narrower still, And the evening got darker and colder, Till (merely from nervousness, not from goodwill) They marched along shoulder to shoulder.
I had received in Harley Street a narrower notion of the place, and that, as I recalled it, made me think the proprietor still more of a gentleman, suggested that what I was to enjoy might be something beyond his promise.
On the other side, the executive power being restrained within a narrower compass, and being more simple in its nature, and the judiciary being described by landmarks still less uncertain, projects of usurpation by either of these departments would immediately betray and defeat themselves.
Only the crevice-mouthed caves were used, the narrower the mouth the better.
So they went forth "into a narrower life." Yet there was left to them "the roof adorned with holy stars, and earth to them her ample riches gave."