nasal meatus

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Noun1.nasal meatus - the passages in the nasal cavity formed by the projections of the nasal conchae
meatus - a natural body passageway
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Tumor can be seen in the left posterior nasal meatus area and is clearly invading the nasal septum.
Most cases require a stent with only a small outer diameter (4 to 5 mm), which can be easily placed from the nasal meatus to the mucocele.
External dacryocystorhinostomy involves anastomosing the lacrimal sac to the nasal mucosa of the middle nasal meatus. Endoscopic procedures include laser dacryoplasty and microdrill dacryoplasty, which allow physiology of lacrimal draining system to be preserved intact.
The dorsal nasal meatus, ventral nasal meatus, middle nasal meatus, common nasal meatus and ethmoidal meatus were studied and their continuation with anterior and posterior parts was studied.
Objective: To investigate the clinical features of epistaxis in the posterior fornix of the inferior nasal meatus and compare the treatment outcomes of endoscopic surgery and conventional nasal packing for this intractable form of epistaxis.
Tumor causing bone erosion or destruction including extension into the hard palate and/or middle nasal meatus, except extension to posterior wall of maxillary sinus and pterygoid plates is a T2 stage tumor.