nasal septum

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Noun1.nasal septum - a partition of bone and cartilage between the nasal cavitiesnasal septum - a partition of bone and cartilage between the nasal cavities
septum - (anatomy) a dividing partition between two tissues or cavities
vomer - thin trapezoidal bone of the skull forming the posterior and inferior parts of the nasal septum
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"A septorhinoplastic technique for correction of nasal septum deformation in children," Bulletin of otorhinolaryngology [Vestnik otorinolaringologii], in Russian, No.5, pp.
"The operations listed are in the vast majority of cases for problems - for instance, breast reconstruction following mastectomy and operations on the nasal septum to improve breathing."
The actress said a nasal septum deviation is to blame for Burton's snores, but he won't undergo operation to fix the problem.
THE damage to Mrs Phillipson's nose was caused because of small hairs embedding themselves in her nasal septum.
Deviated septum on the other hand, is a common physical disorder involving the displacement of the nasal septum often leading to difficulties breathing through the nose.
The vomeronasal organ (VNO) opens up in the mucosa at the base of the nasal septum. It has a variable shape in primates and is common and well developed as a chemosensory organ in other mammals (Monti-Bloch et al., 1998).
X-rays of the nose revealed the two ear studs on either side of the nasal septum (Fig.
Apply a water-soluble lubricant sparingly just inside the nose to the very front of the nasal septum, the wall dividing the nostrils.
The normal adenoids at the roof of the nasopharynx are at considerably less risk compared to the turbinates, nasal septum or nasal mucosa.
Some people have a small pit in the their nasal septum and there is a school of thought which claims this remnant can still work as a pheromone detector.
has changed the labeling information for Avastin (bevacizumab) to warn physicians about reported cases of a rare brain-capillary leak syndrome and nasal septum deviation.
Sometimes, the nasal septum curves to impinge on the turbinates, which may cause pain and may obstruct the sinus outflow tract, leading to recurrent sinusitis.