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Verb1.nasale - speak in a nasal voice; "`Come here,' he nasaled"
let loose, let out, utter, emit - express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words); "She let out a big heavy sigh"; "He uttered strange sounds that nobody could understand"
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nasale inhabits blood vessels of nasal mucosa and causes granulomas and snoring disease in cattle (Liu, 2010).
4); nasale middle 3 teeth distinctly separated from lateral teeth (Fig.
05 mm), extended well beyond the origins of the mandibles to form a prominent frontoclypeal projection (nasale) with well-developed lateral serrated notches; venter of nasale extensively sclerotized, labrum not evident, coronal suture length 0.
Schistosoma nasale inhabits blood vessels of the nasal mucosa and causes 'snoring disease' in cattle and it remains symptomless in buffaloes through extruding its eggs in nasal discharge.
Des que le printemps pointe du nez, les reactions allergiques reviennent en force Elles se caracterisent par une inflammation de la muqueuse nasale, ce qui provoque des troubles desagreables, pleurs, yeux gonfles, eternuements, demangeaisons, nez qui coule.
Et d'ajouter : [beaucoup moins que] Cette saison est surtout caracterisee par un faible taux d'humidite de l'air qui provoque la secheresse nasale et la rend plus fragile au virus.
Nasale teeth blunted, central teeth (LT4 and 5) shorter than lateral teeth; tergite X longer than 1st article of urogomphi C.
Prevalence of Schistosoma nasale infection in bovines from eastern Vidharbha(Maharashtra) vis-a-vis infection in Indoplanorbis exustus.
Nasal Schistosomiasis is caused by blood fluke Schistosoma nasale (S.
Une fievre peu importante avec des difficultes alimentairesUn sommeil tres agiteUne obstruction nasale qui peut etre variable en fonction de l'age du nourrisson.
Schistosoma nasale caused Nasal schistosomosis is an important blood fluke disease in bovines especially cattle in India.