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 (nā′sənt, năs′ənt)
Coming into existence; emerging: "the moral shock of our nascent imperialism" (Richard Hofstadter).

[Latin nāscēns, nāscent-, present participle of nāscī, to be born; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

na′scen·cy n.


(ˈnæsənt; ˈneɪ-)
1. starting to grow or develop; being born
2. (Chemistry) chem (of an element or simple compound, esp hydrogen) created within the reaction medium in the atomic form and having a high activity
[C17: from Latin nascēns present participle of nāscī to be born]
ˈnascence, ˈnascency n


(ˈnæs ənt, ˈneɪ sənt)

beginning to exist or develop.
[1615–25; < Latin nāscent-, s. of nāscēns, present participle of nāscī to be born, arise]
nas′cence, nas′cen•cy, n.
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Adj.1.nascent - being born or beginning; "the nascent chicks"; "a nascent insurgency"
dying - in or associated with the process of passing from life or ceasing to be; "a dying man"; "his dying wish"; "a dying fire"; "a dying civilization"


adjective developing, beginning, dawning, evolving, budding, incipient the still nascent science of genomics.


[ˈnæsnt] ADJ [industry, democracy] → naciente


(liter) republic, world, culturewerdend, im Entstehen begriffen; doubt, hope, prideaufkommend
(Chem) → naszierend


[ˈnæsnt] adj (frm) → nascente


1. a. naciente, incipiente;
2. liberado de un compuesto químico.
References in classic literature ?
It is, of course, POSSIBLE that there may be, at certain stages in evolution, elements which are entirely new from the standpoint of analysis, though in their nascent form they have little influence on behaviour and no very marked correlatives in structure.
5) That instincts in their nascent stages are easily modifiable, and capable of being attached to various sorts of objects.
The rooms wherein dozens of infants had wailed at their nursing now resounded with the tapping of nascent chicks.
Had his nascent desire for Dede been less, he might well have been frightened out of all thought of her.
Again, an organ may become rudimentary for its proper purpose, and be used for a distinct object: in certain fish the swim-bladder seems to be rudimentary for its proper function of giving buoyancy, but has become converted into a nascent breathing organ or lung.
His beard was still in its infancy; and nascent lines of whisker traced their modest way sparely down his cheeks.
But in spite of his meekness and lowliness, I fancied I caught the first note of a nascent bitterness in him when he said:
Hypothesis 4a: Among nascent firms, plans to internationalize are positively associated with entrepreneurs' educational level.
They waited in long lines and endured physical searches for a chance to participate in a historic vote in their nascent democracy.
We are now in a position to extend our consumer electronics portfolio to include the high-end device segments, most notably the nascent market for high-capacity DVRs.
Servile compliance with an illegitimate arm of nascent world government is "leadership"?
LIVERPOOL-BASED Nascent Form is concerned with the user- centric management of information across all modern devices including interactive TV, the internet,mobile phones,PCs and PDAs.