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If only Foley catheters as nasogastric tubes were the worst of the problems.
Appukutty J, Shroff PP: Nasogastric tube insertion using different techniques in anesthetized patients: a prospective, randomized study.
Keywords: complications, deglutition, dysphagia, nasogastric tube, stroke
When the nasogastric route is used, a PPI should be administered for 24 48 hours prior to transplantation to render the stomach achlorhydric and increase survival of the new organisms.
Presence of nasogastric tube during abdominal operations is required, as it helps in causing selective decompression of the digestive tract.
"I think if they had started earlier with rehydration and nasogastric tube feeding, the harm would have been in any case limited; I wouldn't have lost so much weight and wouldn't have been lagging behind so much."
Four months after admission to the hospital, a nasogastric tube was placed and enteral nutrition was started.
A nasogastric tube was inserted to boost his nutrition but on October 24 2015 it had to be replaced after it had been pulled out.
To see the difference in protein and caloric intake in patients on oral intake versus nasogastric feeding.
Nasogastric tube feeding-induced bezoars are less frequently reported.