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Noun1.nasogastric feeding - feeding consisting of delivering liquid nutrients through a tube passing through the nose and into the stomach
forced feeding, gavage - feeding that consists of the delivery of a nutrient solution (as through a nasal tube) to someone who cannot or will not eat
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The nasoenteric feeding tubes include types of nasogastric feeding tubes, nasojejunal feeding tubes, and nasoduodenal feeding tubes.
Some require nasogastric feeding tubes in end stages of disease.
However, it is common in a clinical setting that a patient has received a nasogastric feeding tube before a jejunal feeding tube is introduced.
Without belaboring the multitude of moral questions involved in this sequence of events, it seems to us that a long-term nasogastric feeding tube was not an acceptable method of delivering nutrition to this particular patient and that reinsertion of the tube should not have been attempted without obtaining formal written consent from the patient or from her daughter.
He was discharged with a nasogastric feeding tube, and a swallowing rehabilitation program was planned.
Thirty patients were in nasogastric feeding group, while thirty patients were in the nasojejunal group (NG group= 30; NJ group= 30).
Kainat has made a partial recovery since, but is still on nasogastric feeding and cannot speak.
'She made a partial recovery since then but she is still on nasogastric feeding and cannot speak.
Yosunkaya, "Ultrasound-guided nasogastric feeding tube placement in critical care patients," Nutrition in Clinical Practice, vol.
In addition, continuous nasogastric feeding was initiated to avoid abnormal insulin synthesis, which would be stimulated by oral intake.
This slow adaptation was the crucial post-surgical complication and required hard labor to manage the nasogastric feeding and hydration associated with the length of the mandible transected.
Nasogastric feeding tubes can be placed without anaesthesia, but complications include obstruction, misplacement, premature dislodgment of tube and epistaxis (Abood and Buffington, 1992).