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Of or relating to a movement of a plant that is in response to an external stimulus but is in a direction independent of the direction of the stimulus, as in the diurnal movement of leaves.

[Greek nastos, pressed close (from nassein, to press) + -ic.]


(ˈnæs tɪk)

of or pertaining to movement in a plant part in response to cellular changes in growth or pressure.
[1900–10; < Greek nast(ós) pressed close, stamped down (v. adj. of nássein to press)]
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5-mile Mon best suited f The walk tak the castle an up through the medieval ing the fish p ome steep sections of the nastic Trail at Margam, so for slightly older children.
The two teams traded the lead 15 times and were tied for the 11th time at 70-70 when Stefan Nastic made two free throws with 1:01 left to play.
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Nastic Structures: The Enacting and Mimicking of Plant Movements.
Plants and mechanical motion; a synthetic approach to nastic materials and structures.
This insight into the importance placed on masculinity in the Buddha's hagiography is then extended to the Buddha's disciples, to mo nastic discipline, to the medical literature, and eventually to the ideal layman and the vajrayanist practitioner.
Nastic movements are those made in response to some stimulus but are not oriented relative to the direction of the stimulus.
The young Argentinian was unable to make much of an impact before half-time though, and things were looking bleak at the break for the title hopefuls with Mallorca still leading and Barca in command at Nastic.
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