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n. Informal
A message, especially a mean-spirited one, conveying criticism or complaint.
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"Let me be clear, I have said Madame president, chief judge, sheriff, state's attorney, let's get together, let's put our data out for the public to be able to see it and let's work together towards solutions' and what I got back was not a yeah, that's a great idea.' I got back another nastygram from her," Lightfoot said.
I am writing this in reply to the nastygram in the November/ December issue (Re: Filthy rodent on the cover of September/ October issue) of Countryside from Kerry Graff.
(281.) See Chris Williams, Atari Dumps Davenport Lyons' Piracy Nastygram Campaign, THE REGISTER (Nov.
If it's not your hangar, but it's open anyway, be prepared for a sharp rap on your window or a nastygram stuck under your car's windshield.
One way to do this is through the cease-and-desist letter or e-mail message, or nastygram. "A nastygram is typically just a signal that the trademark holder wants you to stop using his trademark," says Stuart Mayer, a partner at Mayer Fortkort & Williams, an intellectual property law firm with offices in New Jersey, Virginia, and Texas (http://www.