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1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a member or supporter of the Scottish National Party
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) NZ a member of the National Party
3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) NZ a Member of Parliament for the National Party


1. national.
2. native.
3. natural.
4. naturalist.


ABBR =nationalnal.
References in classic literature ?
So he told Jim how we'd have to smuggle in the rope-ladder pie and other large things by Nat, the nigger that fed him, and he must be on the lookout, and not be surprised, and not let Nat see him open them; and we would put small things in uncle's coat- pockets and he must steal them out; and we would tie things to aunt's apron-strings or put them in her apron-pocket, if we got a chance; and told him what they would be and what they was for.
Then we went to the nigger cabins, and while I got Nat's notice off, Tom shoved a piece of candlestick into the middle of a corn-pone that was in Jim's pan, and we went along with Nat to see how it would work, and it just worked noble; when Jim bit into it it most mashed all his teeth out; and there warn't ever any- thing could a worked better.
The nigger Nat he only just hollered "Witches" once, and keeled over on to the floor amongst the dogs, and begun to groan like he was dying.
There was young Nat Swaine, once the bravest boat-header out of all Nantucket and the Vineyard; he joined the meeting, and never came to good.
Give me your hand, Nat,' said the old gentleman, in an altered voice.
While Nat flounders to determine who she is, who her mother is, and who the woman she calls The Bird really is, Harry is certain of himself; it's others, like his father, who refuse to recognize him.
From Time to Time I Get Questions From Shareholders Who Are Asking About the Position of Nat.
Such were the opening three words to every phone conversation I ever had over a 25-year span with the great Nat Hentoff.
As a result, non-OECD countries account for 76% of the total world increment in nat.
Morgan Freiman of the Boston Medical Center and her colleagues conducted a systematic literature review to identify 44 case-control, cross-sectional, cohort, or randomized trials that compared any of five HCVcAg screening tests with a NAT reference standard (Ann Intern Med.
NAT formally accepted the technical proposals submitted by the French company Vinci in partnership with an alliance of Egyptian companies, with a 94.
I first met Nat when I was heavily pregnant and in a dilemma about boys' names.