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Noun1.natal day - the date on which a person was bornnatal day - the date on which a person was born
date, day of the month - the specified day of the month; "what is the date today?"
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Thou seest how Saint Godrick, that holy hermit whose natal day this is, hath placed in my hands two swords and in thine never a one.
He also enclosed a copy of verses on what he elegantly called his cousin's "natal day." Miss Rachel, I was informed, joined Mr.
Neither did he himself remain in the same place; for, Sir Joseph Bowley, Friend and Father of the Poor, held a great festivity at Bowley Hall, in honour of the natal day of Lady Bowley.
Young celebrated his 97th birthday with vigor by walking around, smiling and shaking hands with visitors who attended his natal day celebration at the Officers Clubhouse in Camp Aguinaldo on Saturday.
Anthony thanked everyone who came to felicitate on the natal day of his father, whom he holds up high as his role model.
And if there is onegroup that Duterte usually spent his natal day with, it is the cancer-stricken children at the House of Hope, which he supports.
She will be spending her natal day in La Union to check on her dad.
The nation has been mourning since her passing on 10 February from protracted illness at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana, exactly four days following her 52nd natal day.
On Wednesday, the Prince of Wales celebrated his 70th natal day. When he arrived for a tea party at Spencer House, he received a present from the members of the press.
CASE REPORT: 23 years old, P1L1 on immediate post natal day, was referred from PHC with history of retained placenta for duration of 4hrs.
Whoopi clearly just wanted to have a good time on her natal day.)
serene, to celebrate the natal day of Cosima (the daughter of Franz