natal day

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Noun1.natal day - the date on which a person was bornnatal day - the date on which a person was born
date, day of the month - the specified day of the month; "what is the date today?"
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The younger generation Mandelas had apparently cashed in on his name by creating a wine with the label House of Mandela, setting up a company that makes T-shirts and other fashion accessories, two granddaughter starring in a TV reality show titled Being Mandela (shades of the Khardasian sisters) and two grandsons allegedly organising a boxing bout at a Monaco casino on the occasion of their patriarch's 95th natal day.
Whoopi clearly just wanted to have a good time on her natal day.
Sir--Being a Canadian born and a loyal subject of the Most Gracious Majesty and having the good fortune to appear on this mundane sphere on May 24th 1830, I take the liberty specially at the present juncture of affairs in general of expressing my loyalty to and affection for my sovereign by forwarding to you for presentation to Her Majesty a small silver brick made from the ores of Tombstone mining district and earnest wish her that the birthday of my Queen will not be forgotten even in far off Arizona and wish my fervent prayer that Her Majesty may be spared to witness many anniversaries on our natal day.
One among them considered her ticket as an appropriate birthday gift as she celebrated her natal day on Saturday.