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Floating or swimming in water: natant crustaceans.

[Latin natāns, natant-, present participle of natāre, frequentative of nāre, to swim; see snā- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Botany) (of aquatic plants) floating on the water
2. rare floating or swimming
[C18: from Latin natāns, present participle of natāre to swim]


(ˈneɪt nt)

swimming; floating.
[1700–10; < Latin natant-, s. of natāns, present participle of natāre to swim]
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NATANT A Disgustingly foul B Keen-scented C Floating who am I?
Centrifugation at 5,200 g for 26 min was followed by separation into supernatant and natant.
After 5 min of centrifugation, the super natant was recovered and the cTnT concentration measured without dilution.
Densities of Penaeus aztecus, Penaeus setiferus, and other natant macrofauna in a Texas salt marsh.
Bb) Et ista animalia in aere uolant, in aquis natant, per terrain ambulant et quandoque in aere concitabantur ad libidinem.
32) The image is also used, as a quotation, by Marke Ridley, A Short Treatise of Magneticall Bodies and Motions (London, 1613), "I trust that these following times will discouer whether they [planetary axes] be paralell one to the other, or no, as also what naturall motions else they haue, because that Astra natant, auis instar in aere, aut piscis in unda" (sg.
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nec me tam facies, quamuis sit candida, cepit (lilia non domina sint magis alba mea; ut Maeotica nix minio si certet Hibero, utque rosae puro lacte natant folia),(93) nec de more comae per leuia colla fluentes, non oculi, geminae, sidera nostra, faces, nec si qua Arabio lucet bombyce puella (non sum de nihilo blandus amator ego): quantum quod posito formose saltat Iaccho, egit ut euhantis dux Ariadna choros, et quantum, Aeolio cum temptat carmina plectro, par Aganippaeae ludere docta lyrae; et sua cum antiquae committit scripta Corinnae, carminaque Erinnae(94) non putat aequa suis.
The natant decapod fauna of the coastal waters of the western Gulf of Mexico remains poorly investigated.
Densities of Penaeus aztecus, Penaeus setiferus and other natant macrofauna in a Texas salt marsh.